What Is Zumba And Have You Heard Of It?


Whether you have heard of it or not, Zumba is a fitness phenomenon taking over the world.

The History

The beginnings of this exercise regimen is just as spicy as the workout itself. A fitness trainer by the name of Beto Perez reached the class he was teaching, but forgot to take his usual tape that went with the class. So he went ahead and picked up whatever was playing in his car. Zumba was conceived and born.

What It Is

Have you found yourself break into a sweat after an intense dance session? Maybe after busting some serious moves your body may feel sore in the morning. You know what you just did? Zumba! Using influences of hip-hop, reggaeton, salsa and other South American music, there is a mix of intense dance moves and exercises that tighten your body. The focus here is the core. So while you might be shaking your hips a la salsa style, you might also be bending into squats and the like.

Image Source: harborathletic.com


There are a lot of people who are participating in classes worldwide. In fact, the statistics are fantastic: 15 million people working out to Zumba in over 200,000 locations! There are DVDs available these days as well, so working out at home is going to be fun. You can involve family members, children and even the old, as there is a Gold Zumba fitness class for the elderly!

Where Can You Sign Up?

So now that you know what Zumba is and it’s a fun, transformative exercise, where can you sign up? There are classes for instructors that is issued by the official Zumba Fitness. As a student, you can join any gym or fitness centre that offers Zumba. The good news is you don’t need a license to start the Zumba fitness regime, but if you want to become a teacher of it, you will need the certification from them.

For more on Zumba, visit zumba.com.