Top 3 Places To Buy Affordable Designer-Worthy Clothing


Whether we open glossy magazines, peer up at billboards, go window shopping or eye someone else walking down the street, we all desire what other people have. When it comes to women and fashion, even the most fashion-wary chick will find herself posing in the mirror at some time or the other.

If there is one covetous item that a lady wants in her closet, it has to be a piece of designer clothing. However, not all of us are Cary Bradshaw, neither are we that chick from the Devil Wears Prada. But here is the good news. You can still LOOK like a million bucks, without having to SPEND a million bucks. We give you the Top 5 Places To Buy Affordable Designer-Worthy Clothing…


This store should have been a part of Sex & The City. For real. H&M has been regular women’s go-to place for affordable fashion. No matter the size, weight, height, width or other physical concern a lady might have, this store is the answer to your prayers. Visit the official store HERE.


Does this place really need an introduction? Even though you may NEVER be 21 (LOL) but still earn as much as a 21-year-old (double LOL), then you are in for a treat. Affordable isn’t even the word. Their range of clothing is so season-friendly and oh-so-trendy. Good quality supersedes the price, and when sale time is around – just make sure you are there before sun-up because everybody be loving Forever21 just as much as you do! Visit the official store HERE.


Can you even think about getting a pullover for less than $5 in the winter season?! We are not talking about EOS sales. We are talking about in season, right now. But you can! Quirky, gothic, preppy, funky, girly…you name it and they have it! This online Chinese store is THE place for anyone with a tiny budget to gain a whole wardrobe of clothing! Best part? It gets delivered to your house! Be careful, however, of sizes because Asian large might be Westerner Small (and not being racist here, just stating facts). But they have a chart and everything, so you should be good to go. Visit the official store HERE.

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