Easiest Home Remedies For Winter


Winter has come! ‘Tis the season to snuggle, wear our most comfortable hoodies, hide under the thickest quilts, drink the warmest drinks and gather together near a fire. Though this romantic picture can be painted for anyone at this time of the year, there are also the downsides to winter – sickness, dry skin and withering of living things in general. Let’s take a look at the Easiest Home Remedies For Winter:

Before we proceed with any home remedy, please heed to this word of caution: these are meant for general sicknesses and should not be taken in substitute to actual medication. Always contact a certified medical practitioner for any health concerns.


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The flower part of the Elder plant works wonders for subduing a fever. Why? Because it aids with making you break out into a sweat. If you find yourself or loved one running a temperature, consume a syrup that contains elderflower or steep the dried herb in warm water, drain and consume a few times a day.


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Almost every tradition in the East uses ginger in their cuisine, because its medicinal properties for wellbeing are many. It prevents colds, fevers, the flu and other allergies from attacking in the first place. However, if you find yourself with a health concern, turn to ginger to ease the pain. Either steep it in warm water with honey, or add it to your food. The best way is using it fresh, though the dried or powdered or capsulated versions also do their work.


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Another great, easy-to-find home remedy for the winter is thyme. If you are Italian, then maybe you already know about the benefits of this herb and use it almost daily in your food. Whether dry or fresh, thyme helps keep you away from going under this flu season. You can’t drink this herb necessarily, so inhale its steam by adding thyme to hot water and taking in the flavorful aroma.


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Have you ever opened an old book and got this pungent aroma that was both suffocating but pleasantly soothing? That is eucalyptus – another herb that helps with the season. Just dabbing a few drops of this essential oil onto a handkerchief or napkin and smelling it at intervals will keep the runny nose at bay.


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This herb has been used for generations for various purposes. While the spiritual use it for cleansing purposes, it can also be used to treat inflamed sinuses and a sore throat. Eating fresh sage is always the best way to go for preventive reasons, but using the dried herb as well steeped in tea and drunk will immediately lower the uneasiness of a stuffy nose and throat.

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