South Korean Police Raid Google Office Over Street View Issue


Updated Trends: South Korea Police Raid Google Office

The South Korean Police raided the office of Google in Seoul on Tuesday, another blow to the American search giant in the east Asia region. Previously Google had issues with China but recently solved it, but now its S.Korea. The raid was conducted by the Police to investigate whether Google broke any of the laws in its street view facility.

Google Korea

Google provides the street view facility on the Google maps and also on Google earth. This facility enables the viewer to have a virtual tour of the city or the region which has a street view facility. The avail this facility in a particular region Google has to collect data and images of the whole city.  What has happened in S, Korea is related to the Street View facility.

The Police state that they are investigating that, Google might have broken some laws by collecting illegal data from unspecified Wi-Fi users in the city. They are searching for any such data storage that has been done by breaking the Korean laws. They also added that they got reports that they have collected data from unauthorized data collection vehicles in S. Korea. Google has collected data by using street view cars, and has agreed in helping in the investigation.

Source: CNET