New Enzyme ‘Superbug’ Resistant To Every Drug, Found In UK Hospital


    Updated Trends: New Enzyme Found That Can Resist Any Drug

    Experts have alarmed the people in UK that a new type of enzyme has been found in a hospital of Britain, that is resistible to almost every strong drug available. Experts are saying that the an enzyme called the NDM-1 has entered UK. These enzymes have come in to the country after some patients traveled back from the countries Pakistan and India.

    e-coli bacteria

    These patients usually visit these countries to undergo cosmetic surgery. Some 50 cases have been reported, but scientists state that this may become global at any moment. It is known that these enzymes can remain inside bacteria and make them defensive even to strongest drugs like carbapenems.

    What now has become a strong point to worry upon is that, these enzymes can get into the strains of other bacteria which are already resistant to many drugs. And if anything as such occurs then it can be catastrophic. It will impossible to contain an infection that can easily spread from one person to other, and is resistible to every drug possible.