5 Easy ways to get rid of static on hair


Winter is a time when static problems with hair becomes annoying. When you have children around, it becomes a challenge to get rid of the static electricity on your hair. Here are a few easy ways you can get rid of static in hair.

1. A good hairspray – A proper hairspray can help to reduce the static charge and can also help to keep your hair from floating. You can also spray on your combs before using them.
2. Apply hair oil – Hair oil can be used for different hair and skin issues and static control is on top of the list. After your hair is dried, take some oil on your fingers and run your fingers through your hair as a comb.
3. Use ionic blow dryers – Not many people are aware that you need to keep changing your hair dryers. The best is to use an ionic dryer that helps to reduce the static charge. This also reduces the blow dry time significantly.
4. Shampoo less frequently – Regular or everyday shampooing can make your hair dry and increase the static charge. Make sure that you give a good break of at least two days between washes.
5. Change your comb – Instead of plastic combs, use metal, ceramic or specially created combs that keep the static charge away.

Photo Credits: CDN