How To Eat, Train And Look Like A Victoria’s Secret Angel


The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2015 just concluded and everyone’s eyes were bedazzled by all the glitter and glam that took over the runway. But the models who make this annual epic show possible are the real stars, what with their fit bodies, slim figures and perfect overall look. Men want a piece of them and women want to look and be like them.

The fact of the matter is that no matter what genes they have been born with, they work their asses off. Literally. The first thing that you need to do before you start transforming yourself to someone you wince at in the mirror to a confident, beautiful internally and externally person, is to: 1. be disciplined 2. stop making excuses. Even the Angels are human, but they slave away to later slay at the runway. It’s their job after all.

We give you a full-covered 360 degree lifestyle that you can include into your own life and be transformed!


  1. The first thing about “dieting” when it comes to a VS Angel is that they don’t do it. It’s all about moderation, eating smaller portions and eating regularly. If you think that skipping meals and starving yourself is going to do the trick, you will end up with a lot of side effects that affect your short and long term health.
  2. Your body needs a certain amount of nutrients from your diet on a daily basis. It takes a longer time to digest something you have eaten, so to feel fuller for longer and yet maintain a flat stomach, choose to drink your nutrients instead of eating them. Prepare a green smoothie.
  3. For breakfast, eat oatmeal. Avoid carbs like bread, bagels and such other “empty calories” that do no good for your health and weight. If you cannot have some porridge, opt for filling fruits like bananas, melons, etc.
  4. Eating protein is another key to a fitter you, so instead of having chicken that has been doused in sodium-rich gravies and sauces, go for steamed and boiled versions.
  5. This is a no-brainer – avoiding fast foods that are fried and go through so many processes, they don’t even have any of the nutrients they first started of with.
  6. Drink plenty of water. It has two benefits – number one, it flushes out any toxins and bad stuff and cleanses you so that the ultimate result will be cleaner skin and an un-bloated stomach and number two, you will feel full so you will be prevented from stuffing your face at mealtime or snacking in between.
  7. Make sure to include a multi-vitamin. Tablets are available over the counter or even online and have no side effects. In case you consume more nutrients than you need, the water you drink will flush them all away!
  8. Eat every 2-3 hours. When you skip meals, your body gets into the “famine” mode and so the next meal you eat will mostly be stored as fat for conservation purposes instead of being burnt as energy.



  1. What are the first parts of the body you notice on a VS model? The answer – stomach, legs and butt! Yes, you may not be naturally tall or statuesque, but that doesn’t mean you can’t own a good pair of gams. When working out, do exercises that mostly concentrate on these parts.
  2. Exercising is not a one-off, do-it-when-I-feel-like kind of thing. When it’s fashion season, models exercise up to 6 times a week for nearly 2 hours a day! If you are a regular person who actually has a life and who doesn’t get paid to look beautiful, this may seem impossible. So start small – exercise daily for at least half an hour.
  3. Do what makes you feel good. There is one thing in common that all VS Angels have – they workout based on what suits them. Some do yoga, some do pilates, some go for BeautifulBallet while others like kick-boxing and hardcore cardio. By understanding what suits you best, you will look forward to working out and find yourself enjoying those moments, rather than treating it like a chore.
  4. Mixing and matching your workouts will get your body in shape faster than you can expect. For example, cardio works for the core and building strength as well as gaining muscle, but you can include that with some yoga or pilates for sculpting purposes. This will give you that overall sculpted, fit look.
  5. Enjoy what you do. As stated earlier, going for a workout that works for you will help you shed your weight much faster. So, that doesn’t mean you stick to the indoor gym which can get monotonous. Go out and play some sport like basketball or cycle or do something that is fun but is a fat-burning activity. Here’s a tip: shopping at the mall, as you walk to different levels and browse through clothing helps burn a good amount of calories. Yayy!



  1. If you watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that just aired, you would have noticed the type of makeup the Angels wore. In order to get that glowing look, you need to strip down to the minimum.
  2. The first rule is to avoid garish makeup that belongs on the face of a clown. Going for a basic foundation is what you need to do so that unwanted scars and blemishes are covered.
  3. When it comes to makeup for the lips, try shades that nearly match with your skin tone – like nudes, blush pinks and transparent gloss. The whole idea is to accentuate your natural look, not try to changeΒ into someone else.
  4. Also, don’t forget to moisturize your body regularly! Immediately after a shower, when your skin is still smooth and supple, apply coconut oil, vaseline or other lotions that best suit your skin type. A lot of models swear by the benefits of coconut oil, so that should be the way to go.


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