5 Benefits Of Downward Facing Dog


When you first begin practicing Yoga, your instructor will no doubt introduce you to some basic steps that you would need to follow as a warm up or for basic days when you feel too lazy for an all-out workout. Apart from the Mountain Pose or Child’s Pose, you will be made to stretch into something known as the Downward Facing Dog Pose.

If you’re not familiar with what it is, we can give you a basic illustration – imagine yourself in the plank position. Now, lift your butt towards the air so that your body forms an inverted stretched V shape. There should be equal force to your feet and hands. If it too difficult for you to stretch so much, you can fold into yourself a little more. The main purpose of Yoga is for you to relax and be mindful.

Why is the Downward Facing Dog Pose so important in the practice of Yoga? you may ask. Let’s give you 5 of its main benefits:

  1. Boosts Energy: One of the primary benefits of this pose is to increase your energy. As you lift yourself up against gravity, you will feel a surge running through your body. If you breathe using inhalation and exhalation properly, oxygen-rich blood will flow and bring up energy levels instantly.
  2. Better Blood Circulation: As mentioned earlier, the position itself allows for blood to flow uninterrupted through the body, carrying oxygen-laden richness that in turn helps bodily functions.
  3. Reduction Of Body Pain: Because you apply pressure equally to both limbs of the body – the legs and hands – it helps you stretch yourself, alleviating all possible joint pain. Any stretching, for that matter, helps with curing joint pain.
  4. Aids With Digestion: When in the position, you need to tuck your tummy in to your backbone as much as you can. This greatly helps with improving your digestion. After practicing for a number of days, you will notice a better appetite, expedited metabolism and faster digestion.
  5. Improves Flexibility: When you first start out on Yoga, whether you are skinny or not, you will find it difficult to start on a pose and maintain it. However, when working on this position, it helps with flexibility and you will find in improved time that you are able to fold into yourself that much better.

Check out how to properly do the Downward Facing Dog Position here:

Image Source: yoga.com