5 Cheat Tips To Lose Weight During The Holidays


The holiday season is in full bloom and so are the party invites and the urge to put on some winter weight (after all, whales keep warm in frigid climates with all that extra blubber!). The dishes laid out are too tempting to resist and who is going to notice those love handles under all those baggy sweaters!

Well, to prepare you well in advance for bikini season coming up in the next 6 months, these tips are for sure going to come in handy, so here goes…

5. Use your TV time for some cardio. Your favorite sitcom airs for half an hour and if you’re streaming it, then it’s for 20 minutes or so. Instead of idly sitting, being a couch potato and worst still, munching on potato chips, use this time to do some basic cardio. From squats to lunges to superman planks, anything is possible in front of the television! You may not realize it, but in the long and short term, these will work wonders for you.

4. Drink some green tea. This beverage is packed with antioxidants that help boost metabolism. In case you’re looking for a snack, add a boiled egg along. You will end up feeling full for longer and won’t binge at lunch on those stuffing leftovers and roast pork sandwiches.

3. Shovel the snow. If you have kids in the house, or a neighbor’s child wants to earn some money, sure you might let someone else do it for you. But this season, go ahead and do it yourself. The extra activity will help burn calories and build stronger arms. Since it will be cold outside, you might avoid going for walks or playing an outdoor sport, but chores do two things – get things done and help you lose weight.

2. Choose the right alcohol option. Eggnog is the drink of choice this time of the year, but you can easily avoid the extra calories from these cocktails and instead go for something less calorific like wine or champagne. And make sure you keep drinking water to avoid dehydration and to flush out the extra alcohol in your system.

  1. Eat before partying. When we are with others and there are starters being passed around, we might lose track of how much we are actually eating. The best option is to eat something healthy and filling so that you consume less. Not only will this show you have some good manners, but it will save you the shame and guilt the following morning.