4 Bedtime beauty mistakes


Sleep time is a time when your body goes to rest it is also a time when you need to take care about a few things. Here are a few mistakes you might be making everyday before going to bed.

1. Ignoring skin – Skin tends to rejuvenate during the night time and it is also the best time to make the best use of it. Apply skin care products which can be a night cream or something similar so it restores the youthful glow on your face.

2. Not removing make up – Your skin needs to breathe during the night. Make-up block pores and can lead to other skin issues of you sleep over with your make-up on. Remove your make up properly with some oil or cleansing milk.

3. Sleeping on your stomach – This might be a comfortable position, but this tends to create a pressure and increases the risk of creases on the face. This breaks down collagen and leads to wrinkles. It is better to sleep on your back and face tilted up way.

4. Not brushing teeth – Not brushing teeth in the night can increase the growth of bacteria in the mouth and this can lead to tooth decay and bad breadth in the morning. Brush your teeth or at least use a good mouth wash before bed.

Photo Credits: lxedit