4 Mistakes people make while shampooing hair


Not many are aware that there is a proper way and proper steps to shampoo your hair. Most of the people just grab the shampoo bottle take a dollop of it rub it on the head and rinse it off. But the fact is that there is a particular process that has to be used while shampooing and washing your hair. Here are a few mistakes people usually make.

1. Being lazy to wet hair properly – Before you lather the shampoo, it is essential to properly wet your hair so that all the superficial dust gets washed off before applying the shampoo. Every strand needs to get wet to truly get cleaned up. You need to stand at least for a full minute under the shower to have your strands drenched properly.

2. Using too much or too little shampoo – You need to know the proper amount of shampoo needed for your hair length. You need to work up good lather from your head while shampooing else you have not taken enough shampoo.

3. Applying shampoo directly – Make sure that you do not apply your shampoo directly to the scalp. Always dilute the amount of shampoo you are about to use with a few teaspoons of water. Shampoos can contain harsh chemicals that can damage your hair. Diluting with water can make it gentle on your hair.

4. Not applying conditioner – Many people avoid applying conditioner as it takes extends the time in the bathroom. Not applying conditioner can make it dry and frizzy. Conditioner can give your hair a good feel and also some life.

Photo Credits: lightfootfashion