4 Make-up essentials to be kept at workplace desktop


Working women have to make sure that they look at the best all the time as it is essential to look presentable. Work pressure and daily routine often make it almost impossible to look after yourself. But relax there are a few hacks and essentials that can save you. Here are a few essentials to keep handy at your office desk.

make up essentials

1. Oily blotting tissues – As the day progresses, most of the women’s skin becomes oily especially at the t-point. Blotting tissues help to remove the excess oil from the face without wiping off your make up. Do not rub the tissues on the face and just press against the skin lightly until all the oil is absorbed.

2. Lip gloss – A lip gloss is an instant way to brighten up your face. A good lip gloss can add some color and shine to the lips and the best part is that you do not have to look in to the mirror while applying it. When buying a gloss, you need to keep in mind the texture as it should not be very sticky.

3. Concealer – A concealer is a very popular product and is best used to cover the blemishes or dark spot in the face. A good touch of a concealer can make your face look great.

4. Blush – A good cream blush is a one of the most easiest products to be used and can be applied to the cheeks.

Photo Credits: wickedying