3 Things you are not supposed to do with your jewellery


Jewellery is something that you need to preserve at all times. On a daily basis, there are a few things that you need to protect your jewellery from. Here are a few things you must never do to your jewellery.


1. Wearing them everyday – Jewellery often has sentimental value due to which we tend to wear them everyday. Under such circumstances, engagement rings are one of the most common victims as they have to be worn everyday. But this does not mean that you have to wear them all the time. Make sure that you remove them while washing utensils, sleeping, painting, working with hands.

2. Storing them in different places – When you know you do not have to always wear your jewellery. But when you are not then make sure that they are kept safely in a jewellery box and not anywhere else as there is always a risk of losing them when you place them at different places.

3. Taking bath or swimming with jewellery – Not many are aware that water is a natural abrasive. The same thing can happen to the jewellery. Make sure you remove your jewellery before you take a shower. Moreover, water in the swimming pool has more chemicals when compared to the regular water used for bathing. It can fade away the jewellery.

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