Signs that indicate that you are wearing the wrong foundation


Many women wear a proper foundation and make-up throughout the day due to their job profiles or other reasons. It is essential for women to know of the foundation that is being used is appropriate for their skin or not. Here are a few indications that hint that you are wearing the wrong foundation.

wrong foundation

1. Wrong foundation color – Foundation must be worn according to your skin tone. If your use a lighter color than your skin tone, it will make you look more than your age. While purchasing make sure that you try out and buy the tone that matches your skin color.
2. Feels uncomfortable – One of the best indications is the feeling. If it feels uncomfortable and you have a feeling that your skin is not able to breathe then the foundation that you have applied might be wrong or not suited your skin. Just get rid of the discomfort of the wrong foundation and change to a better one.
3. Skin reaction – If you get a skin reaction then it has surely not suited your skin and is the wrong foundation for you. A foundation is not suppose to burn, itch or break out. Many women suffer from skin sensitivity so it is essential to take care about your sensitivity and buy products accordingly.
4. Too thick foundation – Over thick foundation creates a layer on the face and makes it look ugly and fake. it is wise to use a primer and then apply the foundation. If you have already applied then take a beauty blender sponge and blend it down by tapping all over until you get an even coverage.

Photo Credits: thesmartgirlsgroup