4 Bad skin care habits to give up immediately


Skin care is the most ignored topic among most of the people who have a busy lifestyle. If not skin care there are just a few basics for skin that people do not follow. here are a few bad skin care habits that have to be given up immediately.

skin care

1. Touching or popping pimples – When you have pimples, the best way to get them cured is to ignore it and not be conscious about it. Do not try to touch it or pop it as it can make it even worse. The reason is when you press, it pushes the acne deeper in the skin that leads to a deeper infection.

2. Not using sunscreen lotions – Even if you are not regularly going out in the sun, it is good to use a skin protective lotion. Even two minutes in the sun is enough to affect your skin with adverse effects. Sun tan lotions protect your skin from skin cancer and 90% of the non melanoma skin cancer is caused by sun exposure.

3. Not removing make-up – At the end of the day, it is always better to remove make up with a proper cleansing milk or oil. Oil is the best make-up remover as it works the best while removing kajal and eye liners around the eyes. Your skin needs to breathe at night.

4. Not using right products – Never buy your products blindly and make your they are dermatologically tested and also see if it suits your skin first. People with normal or sensitive skin need to select their products accordingly.

Photo Credits:Β fourpointsdermatology