4 Tips to save an over spicy dish


When you are cooking something that is spicy, many times you might end tossing in more spices than required and make it inedible. Do not panic as you need not throw the entire dish as there are a few things which can be done. Here are a few tips and tricks you can apply to fix an over-spicy dish.

spicy dish

1. Serve with starch foods – Most of the Asian curries tend to be spicy and are served with either rice or bread. Starch helps to cut down the heat in the spices and also gives out a good flavour.

2. Add milk/curd – Milk or curd can do wonders to a curry or dish which has become too spicy. If is is a soup, you can add a tablespoon of milk or curd in the pot. This not just reduces the spiciness but will also help to improve taste due to its sourness.

3. Add stew/ broth – You can even add some broth or stew to the curries to make it less spicy. But you must be careful here, as you do not want to make it a bland dish. You can also add coconut milk which can be a tasty option as it adds flavour to the dish.

4. Add sweeteners – You can try some sweet ingredients like honey, sugar or maple syrup. Just make sure to be careful while adding sweetness, as you do not want to make it a dessert. Begin with a minute quantity and keep tasting.

Photo Credits: scoopwhoop