5 Ways to instantly look slimmer


There are times when you might feel that you need to look a little more thinner when you are in a hurry to go for a party. Since no miracles can happen in fractions, here are a few tips which can make you look thinner instantly.


1. Wear the right bra – On a normal day you might end up pickingup any kind of bra, but when you need to look thinner. Find a bra which keep everything in place and get a bra fitting session done. This can be a bit awkward, but is worth.

2. Wear body shapers – A shapewear can make you reduce down to one size. It is a myth that shapers are meant for only tight fitting outfits, but you can even wear them to look slimmer instantly.

3. Dress up in one color – Avoid wearing dual color outfits and select an outfit which has a single color overall. This will make you look slimmer instantly.

4. Opt for dark colors – If you want to hide that extra flab, select a color that is dark and will make it look invisible.

5. Heels – Wearing heels can make you look instantly taller as well as slimmer. Wedges can be comfortable and make you look instantly slimmer.

Photo Credits:Β lifeepicurean