4 Bad money handling habits to be avoided


It is very important to properly plan things when you need to manage money. Money managing has to be done not just for a time period but for your entire life, as a few mistakes can get you in to deep trouble. Here are a few bad money habits which must be avoided.

money habits

1. Not Maintain a budget – Having a budget allows you to see how much money you have and how much you need to manage in a limited cash. It also helps you to see where the money is going and where certain changes have to be made.
2. Depending on credits cards – Credits cards can be beneficial if they are handled with care, but if not it can lead you in to deep interest troubles. It is not good to rely on credit cards. If you are not able to pay back the bills in full, then it keeps on adding to the interest.
3. Too much purchases – A sale can be beneficial, but it is not wise to be a spendthrift, or buy things you do not need at the mean time. Before you think of buying think twice and see if you really need to spend on that item you have found on the display.
4. Luxury expenditure – This can include drinks, smoking and gambling. This can also include too much of eating junk out. Anything which allows you to spend too much on outside food can be luxury expenditure which can later affect your budget.

Photo Credits: pinoysg