5 Easy tips to make hair grow faster


In this busy and hectic era, it becomes impossible to take good care of your hair. Although, many people often suffer from hair loss or just want to grow hair in a faster pace. Here are a few easy and simple tips to make your hair grow faster.

hair growth

1. Hot oil massage – Heat a spoon of oil, preferably coconut oil until lukewarm and add a few drops of essential oil. Use this oil to massage your scalp with your fingers. Soak a medium sized towel in hot water and wrap it on your head. Keep the towel on your head for ten minutes.

2. Comb hair regularly – Constantly brushing your hair stimulates hair growth. Brushing hair also helps to heal stimulation and you can see your hair grow rapidly.

3. Healthy diet – Include foods which induce circulation for instance, dark chocolate, ginger, cayenne pepper and sunflower seeds.These foods promote circulation throughout the body. There are also certain herbs like rosemary and cayenne pepper.

4. Trim hair regularly – For long and healthy hair, it is essential to cut your hair regularly. Just a short trim can be enough as the end hair strands tend to get damaged and if they are not cut then the damage can slowly move upwards.

5. Water – Hydration is one of the most important factor in hair growth. Filtered water is good but alkalized water is even better.