7 Unwanted things can be brought to use


    There are many things in the house which you might be thinking of disposing. But think again as they might still be useful for you. Here are a few things which can be useful instead of throwing it away.

    unwanted things

    1. Used Soap – Collect the used soap slivers and melt them in the microwave to form a new soap bar. The melting can be done in a coffee mug to get a good round shape soap.
    2. Mesh Bags – Many times you might get onions, eggs or potatoes in mesh bags.. Instead of throwing them, you can use it as a pot scrubber while washing dishes.
    3. Dried bread – If you have some dried bread then it can be used to make croutons stuffings or a french toast.
    4. Extra ice cube trays – Extra Ice Cube trays can be used to store leftover broth or homemade baby food. It can also be used to keep your jewellery collection.
    5. Burned candles – you can save the wax from the old candles and melt them and make a new candle.
    6. Small fabric scraps – If you have too many fabric scraps at home then instead of throwing them you can make it in to a colorful bag.
    7. Broken Crayons – Collect all the bits and pieces of crayons, melt them and make a new rainbow coloured crayon.

    Photo Credits: fbcdn