5 Ways to make shy children socially sound


    Children are like liquid substance as they can take the shape of any container. There are many children who are shy and refuse to socialise and this sometimes can become a difficult situation for the parents to handle when they refuse to socialise with other children. Here are a few ways you can make your children socialise.

    shy children

    1. Allow you child’s passion to come out – For instance if you child loves cars, allow them to carry it along with them. Let them know that they can show the cars to other children too. This will encourage the child to talk about it with other children and watch him magically mingle with children.
    2. Organise group games – Get you child find a partner to solve a puzzle. getting along with a partner will make them interact and make a better team.
    3. Encourage children to have a regular playtime – In this competitive world, it is essential for children to have a regular playtime everyday. Playtime allows children to interact with other children and be social. Show them that you as parents are happy to see them playing around.
    4. Engage children in other activities – A group of children can be engaged in different activities like art, drawing or even cooking and baking. Bring in some fun cookie shapes and colorful toppings and help them make some yummy cookies and cakes in fun shapes.

    Photo Credits: independent