4 simple tips to prevent food from spoiling


Fruits and vegetables getting spoiled too soon at home? Try these 4 simple tips to prevent food from spoiling.

Healthy food is not just expensive, but it is also challenge when you have to store it in the proper way so that it doesn’t get wasted. We made a list of a few simple tricks that can help you store some healthy foods in an easy way which will make them last for longer time. Check out these 4 simple tips to save food from spoiling.

4 simple tips to save food from spoiling

1. Plastic wraps Banana stems – Bananas are a healthy source of magnesium and it tends to ripen quickly due to the release of ethylene gas  Just cover their stems with a plastic wrap or cling wrap tightly and this will prevent it to emit the gas and the ripening process will gradually slowdown.

2. Paper towels in vegetable drawer of fridge – Leafy vegetables are best when they are eaten crispy. Many times they become soggy while in the refrigerator and the crispness is lost. Keep some paper towels at the bottom of the crisp drawer of the fridge, this will prevent the moisture in the fridge which usually makes the fruits and vegetables soggy.

3. Wash berries in vinegar – Before you refrigerate those lovely berries, wash them in a solution of one part of vinegar and three parts of water. This will increase the shelf life of the berries and prevent them from accumulating mold.

4. Add an apple to the potatoes – In order to avoid potatoes from sprouting, just place an apple among the potatoes and this will delay the sprouting and increase the shelf life.

It is best to keep your vegetables in a dry, moisture-free place to prevent them from spoiling.