4 bad studying habits to avoid


You have a test in a couple of days and don’t know what to do? Prepare well and ensure you keep in mind these 4 bad studying habits to avoid completely.

UpdatedTrends.com: Just taking out time to study does not always mean you are all set for your upcoming examinations or tests. Unless you have enough information at hand or maybe a a really good understanding of the matter in question, it just cannot be termed as “studied” per say. If you are preparing for an examination, here are a few bad studying habits which you must avoid all together.

1. Study with no structure – All the topics which have to be covered by you needs to have some kind of  definite structure to it. You need to take some time out to understand how the material in front of you was initially presented to you. For instance, if you are studying mathematics, it is essential to understand the first step before making your way to step three. Understand the basics first and make your way to the rest.

2. Memorizing – Simply memorizing the material word to word (the same way a parrot does!) will probably just make you remember what you need to know, but you will never be able to understand what exactly you are trying to memorize. That can be a bit frightening if your basic understanding of the subject itself is wrong and if you have to give your point of view on a particular topic.

3. No revision – Once you study a chapter, it is essential you revise what you studied earlier. If you do not get into the habit of revising what you have already learned, your brain will not be able to recollect what you took hours to learn about a particular topic. Revision might seem unneeded at times, but it’s better to be safe than sorry right?

4. Late Night Study – This is a huge mistake students commit and it is dangerous to get into the practice of staying awake late in the night before a test. This might lead to a greater risk of you becoming sleepy during the test, which in turn will result in poorer performance. It’s crucial you get a good night’s rest and instead wake up earlier in the morning to revise the main points.

Happy studying and remember to plan your study sessions way in advance as far as possible so that you don’t get stressed at the last moment.