Shaving or waxing, what is better for your skin?


Choose the best for your skin, shaving or waxing?

Beauty doesn’t come easy, it is painstakingly long and often despised…but we all succumb to it in some form or the other. For many women, hair removal is a compulsory beauty mandate, shaving and waxing are the two options here; but have you ever weighed out the pros and cons of these two methods?

Here is a complete breakdown of the pros and cons of waxing v/s shaving.

Waxing –

Pros –

  • It removes hair from the root which helps you get hair-free skin for much longer.
  • The skin is left feeling soft and smooth post waxing.
  • If you continue with waxing as a hair removal method for many years, then hair growth eventually reduces.
  • It also reduces the chances of ingrowth in skin.

Cons –

  • Waxing can irritate sensitive skin as it entails the forceful pulling put of hair from the root.
  • Accept it or not, waxing is a painful method, so its not meant for the faint hearted!
  • If your hair growth is thin/fine then waxing does not help much. It works best for full grown hair, which means that you have to wait around for your hands and legs to resemble that of an ape’s!
  • It is also more time consuming than shaving.
  • Also, there are certain hygiene concerns when it comes to the kind of strips that the salon uses. Make sure they are disposable ones or else, there is a serious risk of an infection. Waxing also exposes the pores of the skin making it is easier for infections to seep in.

Shaving –

Pros –

  • It is less time consuming and can be done on the go.
  • It is less expensive than waxing.
  • It is pain-free as it does not involve pulling hair from the roots.
  • You can do it on your own, does not require any assistance. There are epilators and electronic shavers that further quicken the process.

Cons –

  • It leaves the skin dry and itchy, you cannot go out in the sun for a couple of days post shaving, as this will further irritate the skin.
  • It is not as long lasting as waxing because the hair is only removed superficially. 
  • Shaving often leads to thicker and harder hair growth.
  • It may also result in darker skin as waxing helps take out any dead skin. 
  • Shaving also carries the risk of infection, do not use a disposable shaver more than once and never use someone else’s razor.