Top 5 tips to decorate your Christmas tree


    This holiday season, have the best decorated Christmas tree in town!

    “Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, Such pleasure do you bring me!” – O Christmas tree

    Christmas is not Christmas without a tree…its as simple as that! But don’t just decorate your tree in a shabby manner, learn the tricks of the trade! There are few simple ground rules that need to be followed while decorating.

    Here are five easy to follow decoration tips.

    1. Hydrate your tree – Like any other plant, your Christmas tree needs water to survive. Make sure to place your tree in a large container with plenty of water. Keeping your tree fresh and green is essential, a dull worn out tree isn’t going to shine out come Christmas day, right?

    2. Order of decorations – There is a clear order in which decorations go up on a Christmas tree, the lights go on first, then the garlands, followed by the ornaments. Follow this order and you are sure to succeed. 

    3. Ornament placement – You might be super excited to place all your ornaments on the tree at one go, but planning and placement is the key here. Do not hang all the ornaments on the tips of the branches, instead, strategically place a few of them on the inside so that it gives the tree a little depth. 

    4. Start from the inside – The inward-to-outward approach is an advised one. Begin arranging the decorative lights from the branches that are at the base and on the inside, then slowly work your way to the outward branches. 

    5. Create a theme – Creating a theme might not be that difficult even if done last moment. All you need to do is evenly space out the basic and filler ornaments, add the special/themed ornaments in the empty spaces between the basic ones. This will create a particular pattern and theme to your decoration. 

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