4 time-saving cooking tips


    Tired of slogging it out in the kitchen? Check out these 4 time-saving cooking tips.

    Cooking is often a lengthy process and you sometimes end up spending hours in the kitchen to make that perfect dish for your family. For many, it might also be a pain in the neck to spend endless hours cutting, cleaning, washing and cooking and the joy of cooking tends to get lost in these tasks. So here are few tips which can help you cook smart and save time.

    1. Avoid peeling veggies or fruits – Fruits and vegetables contain all the nutrients and fiber in the skin due to which it has been suggested to cook it without peeling. If the fruits or veggies are tender, there is no need to peel it, but just make sure that they are washed properly.

    2. Preparation – Make sure that you are prepared in advance for any recipe that you have set your mind to work on. Do these important preparations before hand right from getting in the ingredients, to using the right containers and reading up on the tips, so that you don’t waste time during the actual preparation.


    3. Cook extra – When you are cooking for about 5 people at a time, make sure you prepare some extra food so that you do not have to repeat the same process again if more people decide to join in or if you have some unannounced guests.

    4. Clean up as you cook – Cleaning up after cooking can be a time consuming process, so it is wise to keep cleaning while that dish is getting prepared so that you do not have much work pending after the meal is ready and at the same time, you can relax a bit before serving the food.

    Last, but not the least, enjoy the whole cooking process. Listen to your favorite music while you cook, wear a nice apron, use your treasured kitchen appliances and just enjoy the moment.