4 healthy habits that can prevent stroke


UpdatedTrends.com: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is surely not rocket science. Just a few bad or unhealthy habits can make you prone to a stroke which can be fatal. Still, you do not have to maintain too many healthy habits. WE’ve made a list of 4 healthy habits that can prevent stroke.

1. Stay away from cigarette smoking – Smoking is indeed injurious to health, but constant and lengthy smoking habits can make you prone to a stroke. Cigarette damages the lungs and can be harmful in the long run and cause a variety of other issues related to the heart and body.

2. Regular walk – Wake up early in the morning or at any time of the day (preferably avoid afternoons) and start walking. Just a 20 minutes of walk in a day is enough to maintain your health. You can gradually increase the time of your walk as your body stamina increases.

3. Alcohol in moderation – Regular consumption of alcohol can be harmful to health. If you are unable  to completely cut down alcohol, at least make it an occasional affair. This occasional consumption of alcohol (in moderation though) can be done without any huge threat to health.

4. Eat nutritious food and reduce junk – Junk can be good for your taste buds, but can be harmful if its consumed on a regular basis. Opt for healthier snacks which include grilled veggies and lean meat and cut down on salt.