Top 4 beauty benefits of coffee


Wake up and smell the coffee! Learn about the top 4 beauty benefits of coffee.

Are you addicted to your morning cuppa joe? Well there are some benefits after all! A hot cup of coffee can be a great way to begin your day, but not many people are aware that coffee beans contain inherent beauty benefits. 

So let us spill the beans! Here are a few beauty benefits of coffee beans that might surprise you.

1. Lightens dark circles – Coffee can be a great way to lighten those obnoxious dark circles under the eyes. Mix coffee with a skin cream and apply it on the dark circles. Also, make sure that you do not directly apply the coffee powder directly on the skin as it can lead to damaging effects.

2. Protects hair – Coffee is a good source of anti-oxidants and can give you that desired lustrous hair look. Brew coffee at home and apply it directly onto the hair, soft and shinier looking hair await you!

3. Glowing skin – Coffee has anti-inflammatory agents in it which definitely give your skin that much needed glow. It can be used as a body scrub and also tightens the skin, and prevents sagging. Many spas also make use of coffee to repair cellulite on skin.

4. Younger looking skin – Coffee has anti-oxidants which act as anti-aging elements for the skin. One cup of freshly brewed coffee a day can help prevent premature aging of the skin caused by pollution, heat and other factors.

Photo Credits: ellecanada