4 Make-up tips to avoid eye irritation


If you wear contact lenses, apply make-up with care to avoid eye irritation.

Girls who often struggle with eye irritation problems due to make can now heave a sigh of relief as they can totally avoid it, especially for those who are new to contact lenses. Here are a few tips to be followed to avoid eye irritation owing to make-up.


1. Wear contact lenses before putting on make-up – It is recommended to put on your lenses before you apply make-up or moisturizer. The reason behind this is, anything that is left on your fingers after applying make-up can get transferred to the lens and lead to irritation.

2. Avoid any powdered make-up – Girls who wear contact lenses must avoid powder-based make-up and mascara. The particles from the mascara or make-up can enter the eyes and get trapped under the lenses and cause irritation.

3. Read product ingredients of make-up before purchase – Before you buy any beauty products meant for the face, read the contents carefully and see if they have any add-ins which can cause irritation.

4. Remove contact lenses before your make-up – Hygiene is very important while maintaining contact lenses. Wash your hands thoroughly before you remove your lenses, and also, before you remove make up so that you can prevent infection and irritation.

Photo Credits: loveyoureyes