5 Simple ways to get rid of chronic gas problems


Chronic gas problems can get quite uncomfortable and even embarrassing. Here’s how you can deal with them.

Generation of gas is a natural and regular process of the body, However, if there is excess of it being produced everyday, you may want to bring about a few changes in your lifestyle. Surprisingly, not much has to be done to bring about relief from chronic gas problems. Here are a few simple and easy remedies which can be followed regularly.


1. Do not speak while eating – Try not to take in air while swallowing food. Avoid talking as much as possible when you are eating and do not rush your meals, as that increases your air intake with your food.

2. Eat more fibre – Introduce a fruit in your regular diet. Make sure that the fruits you eat have plenty of fibre, like apples, cherries and more. Fibre helps prevent gas generation in the body and also helps you lose weight.

3. Avoid drinking with straw – When you are having your favorite beverage, sip it instead of sucking it with a straw, as the latter takes in more air and creates more gas for the body to handle.

4. Do not recline – It is simple physics that as gas is light, it floats upwards, so try not to recline as it might become tough for the body to release the gases and hampering your digestion.

5. Avoid carbonated drinks – Carbonated drinks are packed with plenty of gases and aids in their generation in the body. So people who are prone to gas problems must avoid them.

Photo Credits: BP