4 Beauty benefits of clarified butter


Everyone loves butter, but did you know that clarified butter is better both for taste and your health?

Clarified butter (ghee) is a purified form of butter that is commonly used in various Indian households. Apart from great taste in meals, the ingredient also has plenty of beauty benefits. Here is a list of a few of them.


1. For chapped lips in winter – Winter is a time when most of us suffer from chapped lips. Clarified butter can naturally solve that problem for you. Apply just a drop of it with the help of your finger on your lips before you go to sleep and wake up next morning with super soft lips.

2. Skin moisturiser – Ghee can also work as daily nourishment for your skin. It has been mentioned in ayurveda that it can be used as a moisturising agent and can also be had with hot water early in the morning.

3. Lightens dark circles – Dark circles occur usually due to lack of sleep and leaves an unpleasant appearance on the skin. Clarified butter can be applied directly on the affected areas just before going to sleep. Wash your face with cold water first thing in the morning and watch its gradual effect.

4. Good for hair – Clarified butter can also be beneficial for hair that is dry, damaged and frizzy. Applying it once a week an hour before washing your hair can be cost-effective and easily transform your mane into a radiant, bouncy and smooth textured crop. For conditioning, mix coconut oil, olive oil and ghee and apply the mixture lightly over your hair. Massage for 20 minutes thoroughly for it to reach the roots and scalp and wash of with a mild shampoo.

Photo Credits: wellnesstoday