4 Essential foods to treat dry skin


Dry skin giving you a tough time? Deal with those scaly issue this winter by natural means.

Dry skin issues are quite commonly faced by plenty of people, especially during winter. Not many are aware that it is not enough to treat the skin from the outside, by using expensive creams and body lotion. It is essential to eat right in order to let your skin heal. Here are a few foods which can help nourish dry skin.

1. Coconut oil – Coconut oil is a great fat formula, which seeps inside the skin and works internally. The fruit generally has plenty of benefits and can be used to make a smoothie, as well as be used in cooking.

2. Avocados – Avocados contain healthy fats and also contains moisture, which is much needed for the skin. The fruit has essential oils that are good for a healthy and supple skin.

3. Salmon – Salmon is packed with Omega 3 fats, which help reduce inflammation in the body. It also helps reduce any kind of redness on the skin and helps provide the needed moisture.

4. Almonds – Almonds have natural oils that provide the necessary moisture to dry skin. Apart from almonds, even walnuts and other nuts are good for the nourishment of the skin.

Photo Credits: goformore