5 Safety measures to follow while driving on snowy roads


    Taking a few precautionary measures while driving on snowy roads could save your life.

    The winters are on and it is that time when there is snow everywhere, especially on the roads, making driving more of a task rather than a routine effortless exercise. Here are a few safety measures you can follow when you are driving on snowy roads.


    1. Use car lights – Before you begin your journey, make sure that you check your head and tail lights and clean them of any dirt or snow. Turn on the lights when you are driving on the road so that you are visible to other drivers.

    2. Clean mirrors and windows before driving – Before you begin driving, make sure that all mirrors, windows and windshield are cleaned from inside and outside. Also, replace your windshield wiper blades if they are not in a good condition. New snow blades for the car can be a good investment, especially if you live in a snow prone area.

    3. Avoid taking in moisture inside the car – Avoid bringing in icy shoes before getting inside the car. Remove as much as you can as before you step in as the moisture inside the car can make the windows foggy.

    4. Use brakes smartly – You need to apply different tactics when you are driving on an icy road. If your car does not have anti-lock braking system then the brakes must be applied gently and if your car has an ABS then the brakes can be applied firmly to engage systems.

    Photo Credits: exchange.aaa.com