4 Essentials of a perfect living room


    A perfect living room for you could just be an idea away. Get creative with help of these simple tips.

    When you are thinking of decorating your living room, you need to think beyond just furniture. What is it that would make it yours and make it complete? Here are a few essential things for a perfect living room.


    1. Plenty of colors – Most people go for solid colour themes, where everything can tend to look monotonous after a while. To make your living room spicy, just throw in some bright hues on the walls or just make do with colorful pillows on the sofa. You can even pose some contrast with a few vibrant  and refreshing flowers in a stylish vase.

    2. Keep something live – A few fish in a bowl van really liven the room up, removing the vibe of stagnancy from the air. It does not have to be flashy or expensive.

    3. Scented candles – Bright, scented candles can help relax your senses. You can either get a few candle holders to place a few great looking candles on, or you can place few floating candles in a large water bowl with some flowers around them.

    4. A personal touch – Place something personal or meaningful on the display corner. It could be a wedding day picture or a personalized photograph gifted by someone special on your birthday. Or souvenirs from your meanderings in the world.

    Photo Credits: decorola