5 Essential tools for the kitchen


The experience of cooking can be made more wholesome if you have all essential tools for the kitchen.

Kitchen is a place where one has to have all the right accessories to cook a meal. Every household has its kitchen tools checklist that it cannot function without. Here is a basic one that you can follow to stock up your essential tools for the kitchen.


1. A whisk – Pick a solid whisk instead of a wired one, as it helps prevent food from getting stuck and wasted. A handy tool to whip eggs or cream, it is also a good accessory to make semi solid foods smooth and devoid of lumps.

2. Knife – Go for an 8-9 inch chef knife which has a handle from the back of the blade and acts like a finger guard when you are cutting food items. The knife must be comfortable in your hand when you are holding it.

3. Measuring cups and spoons – Measuring accessories are a must for the kitchen as there are certain dishes for which you need to measure ingredients according to the requirement of the recipe, especially if you are sketchy about proportion.

4. Can openers – Can openers are also important as there are many food items which are now available in cans. Without it, it becomes impossible, even risky, to open cans, as you can hurt your self in the process.

5. Grater – A box grater is one of the most convenient accessories in the kitchen. You can grate, dust and zest for various ingredients with absolute and contained ease.

Photo Credits: katrinbj