Top 5 health benefits of corn


Stock up on this sun yellow cereal! Learn about the health benefits of corn.

Corn is a staple food in the United States and scores of African countries, not only is this yellow cereal a powerhouse of benefits, but also holds the potential to be cooked and served innumerable ways. Corn is also called maize in many countries and has its roots steeped in the lands of Mexico and Central America. 

health benefits of corn

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What is corn?

Often mistaken for a veggie, corn is actually a cereal. The kernel of the corn plant is the most widely consumed across the world. 

It has vitamins, minerals and fiber all wrapped up on one corn cob! 

Here are the top 5 health benefits of corn.

1. Aids anemia – Anemia is caused due to the deficiency of iron in the body, the formation of red blood cells slows down and hence, the body suffers from anemia. Corn has copious amounts of folic acid and vitamin B12 in it, which are deficient in the body when suffering from anemia. Corn also has a lot of iron in it which is crucial for the formation of healthy red blood cells in the body. 

2. Weight gain – Corn can aid healthy weight gain, 100 grams of corn contains roughly 342 calories. Hence, it has a high nutritional value and functions as a substitute for a whole meal in many countries. 

3. Skin problems – Yes, the humble corn can also cure your skin! Corn starch is often the main ingredient in many cosmetic products, it helps to soothe skin afflicted by acne and rashes. Many chemical products use petroleum jelly and other chemicals as core ingredients, which often block the skin pores and worsen the condition. Corn starch is a better option instead.

4. Aids healthy eyes and good vision – Corn is high on carotenoids which mitigate the risk of macular degeneration (losing vision in the macula – the center point of the retina).  Production of Vitamin A – which is essential for a healthy vision – is fueled by Beta-Carotene present in corn. 

5. Strengthens hair – Corn can work miracles for your hair; every bulb of our hair is surrounded by a cover of collagen, corn contains powerful anti-oxidants like lypocene and Vitamin C which aid in the production of this protective hair casing. 

Munch away on this country delight and stay healthy!