4 Ways to protect children from infections in winter


Keep your child well protected from infections this winter.

Winter is a time when children become prone to infections and minor illnesses. This winter, make sure that your toddlers are protected against infection with these few simple measures.

protect children from infections in winter
1. Vaccinate your children – Getting children vaccinated can protect them from certain viruses and bacteria. Talk to your child’s pediatrician who is be the best person in terms of advising what vaccination is required for your child. 

2. Wash hands regularly – In order to stay away from infections, keep washing your hands as well as your child’s; especially after jobs like changing diapers, wiping a runny nose, eating foods and other similar household jobs. Germs cling onto unwashed hands and are thus, transferred very easily.  

3. Boost your baby’s immunity – Breastfeeding is one of the best ways to keep a child away from infections, incase of older children, feed them with immunity boosting foods like fresh vegetables and fruits, as opposed to junk foods like snack and candies. It is also essential for children to get ample sleep every night after plenty of physical activity in the day, sleep is vital for good health and strong immunity. 

4. Keep them protected from cold – Make sure that children are well protected during the winters, even when they are at home. Wearing protective layers of clothes over the chest, hands and legs is extremely important for children, as they are sensitive to low temperatures during winter. While outside the house, make sure that their head and ears are covered with winter caps or mufflers.

Photo Credits: sonnberg