Top 5 detox foods


Detoxify you body with these simple detox foods.

Just like a machine, your body too needs to cleaned of all sorts of impurities, detox is just that. ‘De’ ‘Tox’ literally means taking out all the toxins. Detox has been the associated buzz word along with weight loss and dieting as not only does it aid a slim and trim body, but also is a good practice for maintaining overall health.

detox foods

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Here are the top 5 best foods for detoxifying your body. 

1. Almonds – Almonds are an excellent source of alpha-tocopherol – a preferred form of Vitamin E in the body. These humble nuts are also high on calcium, magnesium, fibre and usable forms of protein which aid in the stabilization of blood sugar in the body and helps eliminate bowel impurities.

2. Cranberries – There luscious berries aren’t only meant to dot pastries, cranberries are known to be anti-bacterial in nature and are helpful to remove toxins from the body. Studies have shown Cranberries help prevent infections in the urinary tracks etc.  

3. Artichokes – This edible species of thistle is excellent for increasing the bile production. Increased bile produced by the liver is helpful because bile is what helps in breaking down foods in the body, in turn, utilizing the nutrients inside them. 

4. Beetroots – An amalgamation of natural plant chemicals and several minerals, beetroots are like the strongest frontline soldiers on the battlefield, not only are they capable of fighting of infections, but also act as blood purifiers and cleanse the liver. 

5. Cinnamon – This warm spice possess anti-microbial properties, it also contains an elements called cinnamaldehyde which is known to prevent  unwanted blood cell clumping. Cinnamon is also known to have a high anti-oxidant value.