5 tips to make your laptop batteries last longer


Give your laptop batteries a long and healthy life with these simple tips.

Laptops are gadgets which are expensive and need to be handled with care. Maintaining a laptop might be easy, but most laptop users often face battery problems. Here are a few tips for extending the battery life of your laptop.

laptop batteries last longer

1. Do not multitask – When the PC memory is in use, it consumes and puts additional stress on the laptop battery. So instead of opening various applications at once. Make sure that you open the applications that you need the most.

2. Do not run complicated applications – Make sure that you run simple applications, complicated ones use more RAM and processing power. Heavy games or movies can put a stress on the batteries.

3. Remove battery – When you have a constant power supply, you can remove the battery and plug it directly on the power switch. This will reduce the number of times the battery is getting charged and discharged and thus, increases the life of the battery.

4. Turn off Wi Fi – When you are not planning to access the internet, make sure that you switch off the Wi Fi.

5. Power settings – In the power management settings turn on the energy saving option, this option is available in all laptops and will help to increase the life of the laptop batteries.

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