Top 5 foods that help whiten teeth


If you are craving for those white and shining teeth, these are the foods you should eat.

Are those pearly whites only an elusive dream? The answer might lie in what foods you aren’t eating. Certain fruits and vegetables have the natural ability to whiten your teeth.

foods to eat for white teeth

Find out which are the top 5 foods that can can help with naturally white and bright teeth.

1. Cheese – This gastronomical delight not only appeases millions of tastebuds, but also helps whiten teeth. Cheese contains copious amounts of minerals like calcium, phosphorous and protein, all of these help in keeping the teeth white. The lactic acid content in cheese also helps prevent tooth decay. So, nibble away on some cheesy delights!

2. Raisins – These sticky sweet beads are usually associated with breakfast cereals only, however, snacking on raisins isn’t a bad idea if you’re aiming for a shiny white set of teeth. Chewing on raisins helps neutralize the acids produced in the mouth by stimulating the salivary glands in the mouth, this helps prevent cavities, plaque and staining on the teeth. 

3. Pineapple – This tropical fruit contains bromelain in it, which has cleansing properties. This compound contained in pineapple is also an ingredient in stain-removing toothpastes, according to International Journal of Dental Hygiene.

4. Apple – An apple a day keeps the dentist away! This humble fruit is a natural teeth scrubber and contains high concentration of malic acid – a component of many toothpastes that promise stain removal. 

5. Water – Sipping on this odorless and colorless liquid is the best way to keep your teeth shining and white, as water helps in promoting saliva creation in the mouth and also helps wash away any remaining food debris and plaque that might be stuck.

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