4 health benefits of Nutmeg


Delicately spiced, but heavily beneficial – Find out the health benefits of Nutmeg.

Nutmeg is a spice which has its origins in Indonesia and has a number of health benefits. It is a spice which is used globally and has a delicate flavor which is widely used in various cuisines across the world.Β 


Here are the top 4 health benefits of nutmeg.

1. Good for digestion – People who have constant digestion problems can binge on nutmeg to get relief. The spice helps to induce the secretions of various gastric and intestinal juices which maintain and ease the digestion process.

2. Good for the brain – Not many know that nutmeg has components like macelignan and myristicin which are essential oils. These components help to reduce the degradation of the neural pathways and cognitive functions, which usually affect people with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

3. Removes toxins from the body – The liver and the kidney are organs of the body where most of the toxins get stored. Nutmeg helps to remove those toxins and flushes them out from the body. It is also known for dissolving kidney stones.

4. Cures insomnia – Nutmeg is an age old home remedy to solve problems of insomnia. Just a pinch of nutmeg in a glass of milk is enough to give you sound sleep.

Photo Credits: NDTV