5 Ways to make commuting entertaining and productive


    UpdatedTrends.com: Many people consider commuting to be a tiring and frustrating experience, however, the time you spend traveling to work can be entertaining, as well as productive. Here are five ways to make your daily commute easier and more productive.


    1. Listen to music: This is the most common thing done by commuters, as it will make the time go by faster. Listen to your favorite music or listen to radio programs in order to improve your mood.

    2. Take online classes: This is a modern era and education is available online these days. With this in mind, commuting can be very productive as you can take a course and learn something new while on your way to work.

    3. Foreign language: In order to make the time go by faster, keep your mind engaged and acquire new skills by learning a new language. These days, there are various language programs which require audible repetition and this is also very convenient for drivers.

    4. Practice: There are times when you are responsible for certain projects. You might have a presentation or need to prepare your speech. Use your time on the bus or train to practice for the upcoming work-related task.

    5. Read books: There are many audio books which are available for free and can be downloaded as WMA and MP3 files.

    Photo Credits: HDNUX