3 Beauty products you do not really need


UpdatedTrends.com: The majority of drugstore shelves and beauty counters contain an overwhelming number of products and all of them claim to work miracles. If you tend to buy a lot more products than you actually need and use, here are the ones you can definitely skip the next time you are in a drugstore.

Beauty products you do not really need

1. Toner – Even though it comes in a three-step package, toner is not really that good for you. Toners can be helpful to people with very oily skin, but if you clean your face normally and remove makeup regularly, you do not actually need them. Your skin might feel clean after using a toner, but tightness and that tingling sensation are signs of overdrying.

2. Scrubs – We keep hearing about lots of dead skin that needs to be removed, but keep in mind that harsh scrubs can do more damage than good. Whenever you irritate the skin or dry it too much, you are making things worse. People with acne-prone or oily skin should definitely stay away from scrubs, as they cause skin to overcompensate for the dryness which scrubs create.

3. An arsenal of eye shadows – No one needs 25 different shades of eye shadows, though it is tempting to get as many of those beautiful colors as possible. Remember to get three basic shades, as most women need just one neutral palette.

Photo Credits: EconoBusters