4 Ways to eat smart at holiday parties


UpdatedTrends.com: Christmas and New Year’s Eve are fast approaching and if you are about to attend a holiday party (or a couple of them), know that there are ways to stay healthy, despite plenty of delicious food being on display. Here are 4 simple ways to stay on the healthy track – and still enjoy yourself, guilt-free – at holiday parties.

Ways to eat smart at holiday parties

1. Have a snack at home first – Do not go to a party feeling hungry! If you have a small snack at home, it is less likely that you will overeat at the party. Opt for an apple and some almond butter, as they will provide you with both protein and carbs and will keep you feeling full and satisfied.

2. Treats are allowed, but be smart about them – The best thing you can do is check out what kind of food is being offered first and then choose a couple of treats you want to try. Take your favorite treat and then go for healthier options to fill up your plate.

3. Socialize away from the food – If you stay close to the buffet table, it is more likely that you will reach for seconds, even though you are not really hungry anymore. Grab your friend and find a nice spot where you can continue your conversation, away from all the temptations.

4. Choose virgin drinks or low-calorie mixers – The majority of drinks are loaded with extra sugar, so try reducing your alcohol intake. You can use a club soda or tonic as mixers, or simply have a glass of water for every alcoholic drink at the party.

Photo Credits: People