3 Simple ways to keep your manicure looking new on a vacation


Summer vacations are in full swing, so if you are preparing to travel to a beautiful location and want to look beautiful and fresh yourself – at least when it comes to your manicure in this case – we have 3 simple ways how to achieve this. Most of us will not have much time to change nail colors or fix any chips when away from home, so we will help you to keep your manicure looking like new while on a vacation for as long as possible.

3 Simple ways to keep your manicure looking new on a vacation

1. Keep your nails short – even if you prefer longer nails in your daily life, make sure to cut them short before a vacation, as there are a few good reasons for that. As you will probably be using your hands a lot – for carrying luggage, lifting or simply opening things – there is always a higher risk of breaking your nail. Short nails lessen the chance of this happening.

2. Choose a longer lasting manicure – some people get gel or acrylic nails before their vacation, as they tend to last longer. If you are not a fan of these techniques, you can opt for a half bare manicure in order to minimize chipping and look polished. Choose sheer colors as growth and chips will not be so visible and also dedicate a bit more time to a base coat and a long-lasting top coat, as they will make your nails look like new longer.

3. Pick a clear top coat – make sure to bring a pack of clear top coat with you. You can use it to reapply your top coat every few days, as it will help you minimize any chips and will keep your nails looking nice and fresh longer.

Photo Credits: Little Paper Plane