5 Proven and natural ways for younger looking skin


Maintaining your skin looking younger and healthy is easy, if you eat a healthy diet, limit sun exposure and avoid smoking. As years go by, aging and UV rays can contribute to our skin looking less toned and firm. Most common problems that occur as we get older – including ‘crow’s feet’, eyelid drooping and sagging jowls – can make us feel less attractive and look tired. Here are five proven ways for a younger skin without any surgery.

5 Proven and natural ways for younger looking skin

1. Do facial yoga – its popularity is increasing and it is for a good reason. Facial yoga proponents confirm that, with regular practice, a person can have the same benefits as from a face lift. Some of the advantages include less eye puffiness, fewer wrinkles and firmer jawline.

2. Hydrate your skin – dry skin is more prone to wrinkling, so skin hydration is extremely important. It has been said countless times before, but drinking 8 glasses of water a day will keep your skin toned, firmed and glowing.

3. Laugh loudly and often – next to facial yoga, enjoying a hearty, honest laugh or practicing laughter yoga can nourish our skin as it boosts collagen and improves blood flow in order to create a glowing, fresh-looking face.

4. Get rid of sugar – it pauses the body’s ability to produce collagen and the combination of a diet high in sugar and exposure to UV rays speeds up skin aging process.

5. Add omega-3 fatty acids – they are crucial for the health of your skin as they reduce inflammation and keep skin moist. Make sure to add fish, nuts or flax-seed oil supplements to your diet.

Photo Credits: Parade