5 Ways to overcome exercise apathy


Everyone knows how important and beneficial exercising is, as it helps us reduce biggest health risks and boosts our vitality, mood and even brain power. However, less than 80% of the developed world achieve what is considered to be the optimum level of exercise every week. With this in mind, here are 5 ways that will help you overcome exercise apathy and become active.

5 Ways to overcome exercise apathy

1. Aim for shorter, but more intense workouts – lack of time is the most common excuse for not exercising, but we all have hectic schedules and demanding jobs. On the other hand, it has been confirmed that shorter, more intense workouts can be as effective – or even more so – than longer gym sessions.

2. Exercise with other people – on days when you do not feel like working out, it is great to have someone who will keep you going. Exercising with family members or friends is a proven way of staying motivated. Incorporating a social element into your training will keep your interest level higher.

3. Set specific goals – when you set yourself a goal you wish to achieve with working out, it will be easier to stay motivated and on the right track. Also, set additional mini-goals along the way, which will help you stay focused at all times.

4. Reward yourself – after achieving set goals, reward yourself with something nice, be it new clothes, pampering day at the spa or a night out. This will help you want to do good in the future too.

5. Change your workout routine – there is no point in spending hours on the treadmill if you hate it. Find out what works for you when exercising, as that way you will be able to enjoy it and also do not be afraid to try out new things.

Photo Credits: She Posts