5 Surf movies you will love to watch this summer


Summer has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere and surfboards are being dusted off and waxed by those living in coastal towns. There are not too many things that can beat the feeling of an early morning surf, just as the sun rises above the ocean. When its time to head home for dinner and a movie, a surf flick is the ideal choice.

Best Surfing movies

Here are 5 surf films that are sure to get you motivated to get the board out and hit the waves.

1. Stranger Than Fiction: Taylor Steele shows what he is made off in this great surfing movie. It is a typical Steele flick and shows a variety of tricks and at the end of it one is left wondering how far can the boundaries be pushed?

2. Momentum: It is no surprise that Taylor Steele gets mentioned again. The surf film pioneer scored his first breakthrough hit with this movie, which also features Kelly Slater as a daredevil 19-year-old trickster.

3. Blue Crush: Although this movie will not be favored by purists, it serves as a welcome break from the world, with pretty surfer girls on display.

4. Morning of the Earth: This 1971 movie opened doors for the surfing community and got people interested in the surf culture of the time.

5. The Green Iguana: This movie was a throwback to what surfing is, without the frills of modern day competition. It was just about riding the best waves on the planet.