5 Ways to keep insects out of your home


Many people are aware that insects have found a place for themselves in their living quarters. This can be troublesome and could lead to stress and other illness. What is important while dealing with a menace from bugs is to understand why they are there in the first place and how best to protect yourself from an outbreak.

Insects in Home

Here are 5 ways to protect your home from a bug invasion.

1. Seal entrances: Use fine mesh to cover your windows and doors so that bugs are not able to enter your house. Most bugs come for food and shelter and by sealing the entrance to your home, you would be able to keep a majority of these insects at bay.

2. Keep your kitchen clean: Cockroaches and ants come for food in the kitchen, if a kitchen is not cleaned on a daily basis, food crumbs and other material will attract these insects.

3. Remove garbage quickly: Keep your garbage in containers that are lined with plastic recycled garbage bags. Bugs are able to smell garbage much better than humans and will get attracted to any garbage that has not been taken out often.

4. Keep the yard clean: If you have a yard that is cluttered, bugs and insects will make it a home and this will allow them to infest your living quarters easily.

5. Help nature: Bird, bats and lizards eat a most bugs as part of their diet. Ensure that your house is surrounded by trees that allow these creatures to build nests, this will keep your bug problem under control.