5 Ways to detox your body


In today’s world, we face a number of toxic agents in our daily lives. These toxins enter the body via various means and our food and drink are the main perpetrators that facilitate their entry. It is essential to cleanse the body every once in a while to help it to recover from unhealthy elements.

Detox your body

Here are 5 ways you can detox your body gently.

1. Drink water: Drinking a lot of water helps cells stay hydrated and allows the body to lose excess toxins in the form of urine or sweat. Around 2 quarts of water a day should help you cleanse your system after going through an unhealthy routine.

2. Eat food with vitamin C: Fruits rich in vitamin C help the body produce glutathione, which helps the liver keep toxins out of the body.

3. Get your fiber: Eating a diet rich in fiber will help you get toxins out of the body quickly. Examples of fibrous food include brown rice, cabbage, broccoli, fresh fruits and other such foods.

4. Breathing: Learn how to breathe deeply and get more air into your lungs. Oxygen helps detox the body and breathing deeply helps the body circulate oxygen in an effective manner.

5. Exercise: When you exercise, blood circulates through your body and carries nutrients to all parts. It also helps you perspire and removes unwanted toxins via this method.